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The Ultimate Metal Detecting Tour

A good metal detecting trip doesn't "just happen," and an exceptionally good one doesn't "just happen" either. It takes a lot of planning and Roy has done that. He is able to tailor each adventure to the tastes and requirements of the individuals in the group. Truly a hands on customized personal detecting experience. Whether your interests are treasure cache hunting, treasure hunting for artifacts, or searching on farmers fields metal detecting coin finds, this England, metal detecting, discovery tours for you!

This could be the most fascinating "Adventure" experience of your life! Just Imagine yourself treasure hunting England. It is likely that memories you capture from this trip will give new meaning to the words "fun," "enjoyment" and "excitement!" You will be in the East Anglia area of England - north and east of Cambridge, in the Fenlands. It was here that the Celtic stronghold existed and the Romans built there camps soon after their invasion of Britain in 43 A.D.

You, with your metal detector, have opportunities to discover gold, silver, lead, or bronze antiquities thought lost forever. Touch history by finding clues in the plowed fields that establish Saxon and / or medieval occupation or discover the whereabouts of an unknown Roman villa. Artifacts in the form of coins and interesting objects could be found amid the dirt in your hands. This is an extraordinary opportunity to handle the "remains" of previous civilizations. The very possibility of it all will make your mind race and your heart pump like never before. Imagine searching amidst such historical surroundings with the chance of finding a buried treasure, as you metal detect England. It could happen! You are the amateur archaeologist.

Make friends and memories while your treasure hunting England

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Home page: @England Metal Detecting Tours Adventure
Page Description: Welcome To England metal detecting tours - great England Detecting Adventure! website. These pages are packed with information for anyone interested in treasure hunting England. A brief Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, and Medieval history, with links for extended research is found within this website. This is also your online tour brochure including the application forms needed for your convenience. Contact information is also available throughout the web site.

Your Personal Guide page: @Metal Detecting England Personal Guide
Page Description: With Roy and Mark as your personal guides you are ensured a great England Detecting Adventure! Having Mark and Roy as your personal guides gives you many advantages for treasure hunting England. Whether your interests are treasure cache hunting, public beaches metal detecting, or artifact and coin detecting on farmers fields, They know all the good places to go metal detecting.

Testimonials Stories page: @Metal Detecting Storys
Page Description: Metal Detecting Storys from past participants of the England metal detecting tours, and their great England Detecting Adventure! Metal detecting stories to include discovery of finds, friends, lodging, and food while on the tours, while treasure hunting England. I have detected with Roy and Mark every year for almost ten years. Their trips are great value for money and are well organized and coordinated. We go to a variety of farms and fields in Norfolk, and have consistently found interesting artifacts and coins. In addition to familiar farms and fields, Roy and Mark find new places for us to search and explore. Rather than just dropping us off in a field and returning at the end of the day to transport us to our hotel, someone is always with us to answer questions, and give advice if requested. Both Roy and Mark are very knowledgeable about finds, and helpful in identifying artifacts and coins. In short I have no hesitation in recommending them, and will be back again next year.9/18 MEE.I first started detecting in England in 2006 while visiting family. I enjoyed it so much I decided to research some detecting tours and made my mind up on Roy's tour. I'm glad I did. Top notch service from Roy and Mark. Great accommodations, friendly staff, good food and good people. Not to mention the awesome finds and memories.Dennis Knox 3/18.I've been on several trips with Roy and Mark. My experience has always been nothing short of great. You do not have to be an expert detectorist because Mark and Roy are there to give you expert advice. The trip is extremely well organized right down to the accommodations and transportation. They have extensive knowledge to help identify finds. They always provide new fields to detect that are known to contain old artifacts. I would recommend this tour for the novice as well as the experienced detectorist.3/19 John, Iowa

Tour Information page: @England Metal Detecting Tours Information
Page Description: As Roy says, "Past civilizations, such as the Celtic, Vikings, Romans, Saxons, and Normans, lost all their gear." He will lead you on a quest for lost ancient and medieval coins, jewelry, thimbles, buckles, broaches, and who-knows-what. These coin and artifact discovery tours, are designed for true detectorists who want to be on the fields early and come off late.

Artifact and Coin Finds page: @Metal Detecting Coin Finds
Page Description: Metal detecting for artifact and coin finds of Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, and Medieval to more recent times, a span of over 2000 years, is possible in this area of England! On this page you will discover a little history and view coin and artifact examples of the various time periods.

Cost and Schedules page: @England Detecting Adventures - Costs, Schedules
Page Description: Tour Departure, Return, and Cost information is provided for your treasure hunting holiday with England metal detecting tours. Be part of a small personal group, usually eight to twelve people.Also view what is and what is not included.

Online Application page: @England Metal Detecting Tours - Online Application
Page Description: Have you ever had the dream to metal detect England? Here is your online application form to sign up for England metal detecting tours. Now you can sign up right from your computer for your England Detecting Adventure! Then you can mail in a check.

Printable Application page: @Metal Detect England - Printable Application
Page Description: This is a printable application form you can easily print out and fill in. Then just mail it in with a check, or go to the Payment Center page for complete pay options. You will soon be on your way to metal detect England! This whole metal detecting England web site is like a complete brochure including the application forms needed for your convenience. Contact information is also available throughout the website.

Payment Center page:@Metal Detecting Tours Payment Center
Page Description: How to submit a check and where to mail it for your England metal detecting tours. On this page, refer to the charts provided for tour cost options. You can now reserve your tour spot with a down payment check and easily view your balance due amounts for your final check.
Please Note: Completed application form is required with initial payments.

Terms, Responsibility page: @Terms, Conditions, Responsibilities
Page Description: The Terms, Conditions and Responsibilities of England Detecting Adventure, England Artifact Detecting Adventures, also known as, England metal detecting tours, are provided here. If you're interested in treasure hunting England with us, this is important info to be read and agreed to by all tour participants.

Treasure Act page: @England Treasure Act Revised
Page Description: Here find a brief Treasure Act summary. What is the definition of treasure? Can I keep all my finds? In most cases, yes. You will detect on several different sites. In the event a "Treasure Trove" is discovered (as defined under the Treasure Act, 1996), English law prevails and the find becomes the property of the Crown; however, the finder is entitled to receive a reward determined by the Treasure Validation Committee, which consists of independent experts.

Tips page: @Metal Detecting Hints Tips
Page Description: Here are some metal detecting hints tips in regards to treasure cache hunting in the UK. Many cache / hoards have and will be found in England. Here are some proven treasure hunting tips for artifact and coin hunting in England. Also find public beaches metal detecting tips for England. And of all the treasure hunting tips UK, this is of prime importance!

Favorite Links page: @Treasure Hunting England Links
Page Description: Informative treasure hunting England links are provided such as, an excellent site for Celtic tribe info, a trip through Roman Britain, an online encyclopedia of Roman Emperors, a great link to a timeline of Britain's history, famous kings and queens of England, and a searchable database of finds, artifacts, coins, jewelry, that have been discovered In England. You may find this information exciting and inspiring, as you dream of England, and of joining our coin and artifact discovery tours.

Videos page: @Metal Detecting Tours Videos
Page description: Welcome to the England Metal Detecting Adventure video page. On this page, you will be able to view metal detecting England videos. They may inform and inspire you to metal detect England with us.

Some metal detecting coin finds are displayed for artistic purposes

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